Ecological technologies for treating celluloses, lignocelluloses textile materials and mixtures thereof

The project aims are to find new process technologies with low pollution for valorification of celluloses/lignocelluloses materials and mixtures thereof. So far interest in cotton occupied one of the first places in fabric production, while also having the highest percentage of cellulose in the composition of the stem. In the last decade flax and hemp became interesting due to the possibility of cultivation in areas with lower temperatures in Europe.

The main objective is the developing of clean technologies for treating of cotton, flax + cotton and hemp + cotton materials in order to obtain fabrics with good properties of comfort (hydrophilic, softness, etc.) and competitive materials on national and international levels.

The objectives of this research are:

  1. a) To establish the synergism between ultrasound-enzymes-chemical auxiliaries in order to improve biotechnological processes applied to cellulosic, lignocellulosic materials, and mixtures of thereof.
  2. b) The determination of enzymatic pretreatment technologies for cellulosic materials, lignocellulosic and mixtures thereof.
  3. c) Establishing a new method to evaluate the developed treatments by comparing the method with other known or applied methods.
  4. d) The study of the environmental impact of the technology by waste water analysis.

These steps will be made based on fundamental research on the mechanisms of enzymatic oxidation of cellulosic/lignocelluloses materials which will be highlighted by various analysis methods.